SeaScape Project:

Accessing The Sea

Project: Access to Beach

Project Lead: Delivery Team

This project will enhance connections between people and place while enabling more people to engage with the natural environment and heritage by improving the access to beach where access is already poor, formalising routes which people are already using, ensuring routes are more easily managed and are in a safer condition, to encourage new and existing audiences to explore the area.

  • 5 access routes from coastal communities to shore

Project: Marsden Bay: Accessing Our Heritage

Project Lead: South Tyneside Council

Following demolition of the unsafe steps at Marsden Bay, this project will reinstate access to Marsden Bay to sustain the connection between people and the area’s abundant heritage.


  • Steps

Project: Brus to Headland Cycle Route

Project Lead: Hartlepool Borough Council

Production of a circular cycle route that connects the coastal communities to the coast and its seascape heritage at Hartlepool Headland. This will promote the cycle route as a means for engaging new and existing audiences to explore the area.


  • 1 cycle routed created

  • Improved links with national trails

  • Route leaflet produced

Project: Coast to Clavering Circular Walk

Project Lead: Hartlepool Borough Council

Production of a circular trail that links local communities of Clavering and Hart to the new community woodland and to the new development of Marine Point and to the heritage of the historic headland, its huge seascape and the Heugh Gun Battery. This will include to promote the trail as a means for engaging new and existing audiences to explore the area.


  • 1 walking trail created

  • Trail leaflet produced

  • Improved links with national trails

  • Guided walks

  • 1 school engaged

  • 1 community group engaged

Project: Seascapes Stations

Project Lead: SeaScapes Delivery Team

A coordinated approach to interpreting the seascape and its heritage, using a variety of media to engage local people and visitors in understanding and appreciating what makes the area special.


  • SeaScapes Stations created

  • Audio Benches installed

  • Digital app creation

  • Artistic Interpretation installed

Project: BlueScapes

Project Lead: National Trust

BlueScapes will provide a programme of immersive activity in, on or near the sea, providing on water and on shore sessions to facilitate and enhance public enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of the seascape by improving and extending opportunities for recreational, educational and tourist activities, including sport.

This will enhance appreciation and understanding of the value of the marine and coastal environment and its heritage assets providing opportunities for cross-skilling. Connecting with people’s sense of place, whilst generating support for preserving the richness and beauty of our coast.


  • Taster events delivered

  • Training sessions delivered

  • Volunteers engaged

  • On water and on shore sessions delivered

  • 312 students engaged

  • Students gain a youth sailing certificate

  • Training days delivered

  • 1.5 days of teacher training per year

  • 1.5 days of Delivery Team training per

  • School resource packs developed, enabling further environmental education (teach the teacher)

  • 1 resource pack developed, enabling further public environmental education.

Project: England Coast Path Identity

Project Lead: SeaScapes Delivery Team

This project will provide common signage across the SeaScapes area on the England Coast Path, detailing destination and distance. It will also develop of common “brand” for the SeaScapes area. Opportunities to promote and encourage enjoyment and understanding of the seascape’s unique character and hidden heritage near to the coast path.


  • New signage installed.

  • Digital content created and linked in line with audit

Project: Whitburn Coastal Conservation Centre

Project Lead: National Trust

This project will build a new conservation centre within the Whitburn Coastal Park, creating a local gateway to the coast which will showcase the area’s cultural and natural heritage. It has a strong focus on marine life and seeks to facilitate wildlife conservation activities and community engagement with the coast as well as supporting learning activities about the significance of this coastal location.


  • Conservation Centre constructed

  • Local schools engaged in heritage activities

  • Community groups engaged in heritage

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