SeaScape Project:

Blue Future

Project: Beach Care and Aware

Project Lead: Northumbrian Water

A conservation and engagement project to provide a framework to address environmental quality concerns and reduce pollution. Improving awareness and influencing behaviour throughout the Tyne to Tees seascape. Beach Care and Aware particularly seeks to improve water quality and address coastal litter.


  • Volunteer training, surveying
    and monitoring.

  • Beach litter collected during beach cleans

  • Beach litter surveys conducted.

  • Businesses reducing single use plastic.

  • Local schools engaged.

  • Community groups engaged.

  • Research undertaken on bathing water quality.

Project: Event, Engage & Activity

Project Lead: SeaScapes Delivery Team

A programme of individual projects and complementary range of structured community engagement activities that will add value to and underpin individual projects. Artistic engagement will be used to celebrate and raise awareness of the landscape and engage new, wider and more diverse audiences. Coordination of volunteering opportunities across the scheme via officer.


  • 2000 people engaged

  • 4 artists involved

  • Local schools engaged

  • 16 Community Groups engaged

  • Number of volunteers trained

  • Finale celebration

Project: SeaScapes Community Grants

Project Lead: Tender

A small grants scheme for voluntary and community groups, landowners, farmers, schools and local councils to reveal, conserve, enhance, celebrate and raise awareness of the unique


  • Grants distributed.

  • Heritage features conserved.

  • Community events supported.

  • Local history projects supported.

Project: Delivery Team

Project Lead: Delivery Team

Team of seven, plus evaluation


  • Delivery of programme

  • Evaluation of programme

  • Servicing partnership

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