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Welcome to Tyne to Tees, Shores and Seas – Seascape Partnership – we’re calling it SeaScapes for short!

We’re a partnership of organisations across the natural, cultural and historic heritage sectors that have come together to better protect and celebrate the unique coastline between the rivers Tyne and Tees.

With support from Heritage Lottery Funding and partners we are developing a programme of special projects, events and activities that will benefit the coast, its communities and its wildlife.

Together with our coastal communities and the people that use the sea, we are shaping the details of the scheme over the next year.

We would like your involvement from the beginning as we firmly believe that the people who live, work and play here know their coast best.

Why here?

SeaScapes focuses on the often overlooked Magnesian Limestone coast between the Rivers Tyne and Tees.

Whilst perceptions of this coastline are blighted by its industrial past, this seascape is bound in character by unique geology, the natural environment and a shared cultural heritage.

Once smothered in colliery spoil, this coastline has seen major regeneration over the last few decades. This has reinvigorated its seascape into life. Recent surveys have documented lobsters, soft corals and an abundance of fish – just waiting to be better explored.

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Why now?

There is much to be celebrated across this seascape, although much of this heritage is out of sight, held only in memory or beneath the waves, just waiting to be discovered.

The project will reveal this hidden history of the SeaScapes area and will help to write the next exciting chapter of this unique coastline.

We’ll be developing 30 special projects across the SeaScapes area which will improve access to beaches, explore the shipwrecks and habitats beneath the waves, improve biological recording through citizen science, construct a coastal conservation centre, tackle marine litter and create opportunities for local people and visitors to enjoy being on and in the sea.

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Themes 1-4

Seascape over Time

Telling the incredible story of the Tyne to Tees seascape from Zechstein Sea, through ice ages, wars and significant industrial history up to the present day.

Accessing the Sea

Improving access gateways and opportunities, breaking down barriers and allowing local communities to make full use of the seascape’s coastal and marine assets.

Revealing Hidden Heritage

Using innovative methods and participative approaches to ensure our heritage is better recorded, in better condition and better understood, engaging beyond our usual audiences.

Coastal Champions

Providing opportunities for learning, training and enjoyment so that the heritage of the area is better appreciated; engendering a stewardship of this unique seascape for generations to come.

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